Sewer Rate Restructure Notice


Notice of Rate Restructure

Sewer Customers of the Village of Roberts Sewer Utility

This is to give you notice that the Village of Roberts Municipal Sewer Utility will restructure sewer rates effective February 15, 2024. The restructuring of rates is being done to remove the quarterly rate per unit of $81.50 and to change the volume charge so the rates are assessed to the residents for actual gallons used.  The Village is also eliminating the per gallon cap over 35,000 gallons for all Residential and Public Sector bills.  Below is an example of different sewer usage scenarios.


                               Existing           Revised

     Volume           Quarterly         Quarterly

(1,000 Gal)      Bill                  Bill                             

   20                $436.30          $520.00

   12               $294.38          $312.00

     8               $223.42          $208.00

    6                $187.94          $156.00

The existing quarterly bill reflects the $81.50 Quarterly Service Charge and the Volume Charge of $17.74.  The new rates will be $0.00 for the Quarterly Service Charge and $26.00 per 1,000 for the Volume Charge. 

This rate increase will go into effect on February 15, 2024.

If you have any questions about the rate increase request, call the Village of Roberts village hall at (715) 749-3126.

Megan Dull,

Vilalge Clerk